Why it’s Important to Label Pipes

Why pipe labels are important

2 min read Marking pipes in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities can help make a workplace safer and more efficient. When pipes are clearly labeled, fewer accidents involving injuries and damage to property occur. If the people working in your facility—and even visitors and emergency responders—cannot easily see what flows through a pipe, this problem can lead to dangerous situations. Pipes might be misidentified, or someone might not even consider the hazards related to a particular substance because they do not know it’s present. Improperly labeled pipes can also compromise the efficiency of your workplace, as employees may need to spend extra time figuring out what travels through a pipe during repairs. Furthermore, many industries have specific standards for labeling. For example, healthcare facilities are subject to specific requirements for pipes carrying medical gases, while marine vessels must use special color-coding. Most facilities, however, should follow the ASME/ANSI A13.1 standard for pipe marking, …

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